you cannot step into the same river twice because you are changing and the river is changing

I think this describes the transitoriness of human existence. Do Hindu scriptures have equivalent statements?

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The following verse is saying the same:

Sampadah swapna samkAshA yauvanam kusumopamam |
TaricchanchalamAyushcha kasya syAjjAnato dhritih ||

Wealth (prosperity) is like a dream. Youth is like a flower/blossom (i.e it withers in no time). Life-span is momentary like lightning. Who can have patience after knowing all these?

KulArnava Tantram 1.30

This verse and many other verses of the same chapter are talking about how short lived we are and how much less time we have to accomplish what we have to.

Pratikshanamaym kAyo jirnamAno na lakshyate |
Amkumbha ivAmbhahstho vishirno naiva bhAvyate ||

The ignorant man fails to see that with every moment his body decays. He does not think over the fact that, like an earthen pot kept immersed in water, his body too is decaying with every passing moment.

KulArnava Tantram 1.37

There are many verses in this chapter like these two which have a similar purport.

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    Yes and all of this is from the 1st chapter itself @TheLittleNaruto
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