Consider a person has forgetfulness as a habit, I.e., forgetting small things or small details regularly.

Does it consider as a sin?

Is there any incident in scriptures where a person forgets about something for a short period of time which has to be remembered resulting problem/pain in others life?

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    i forgot to pick up my grandson from school. this caused problem in my son's life. penalty is that i'm now in nursing home. – ram Feb 7 at 19:44
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    " If yes then what is the penality and what is the sin attached to it?" Probably like irresponsibility or neglect. – Ikshvaku Feb 8 at 2:21
  • neglecting by giving least importance to remember. – satya Feb 8 at 2:58

If not trying to forget and accidentally forgotten then no sin attached to it instead the karma is completly of the victim.Example leaving behind a girl with boy without knowing his chastity etc. Take the reference of bhagwatgita where krishna say arjun that no one of u all are guilty of abhimanyu's deadth

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    Mention of Abhimanyu's death in Gita? – user17294 Feb 8 at 7:51
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    @Pravin RGMishra the death is not due to forgetfulness... – hanugm Feb 8 at 7:57
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    @PravinRGMishra, Welcome to Hinduism SE. Answers on this site should be elaborate enough to solve doubts of the questioner and should contain relevant extracts from Hindu scriptures to support your answer. Please provide relevant text from scriptures so that the answer seems more truthful as per scriptures and doesn't look opinion based. – Aby Feb 8 at 8:20

One well-known saying I have heard since childhood is:

अष्टादश पुराणेषु व्यासस्य वचनद्वयम् | परोपकारः पुण्याय पापाय परपीडनम् ||

Meaning that through the 18 Puranas, Vyasadeva coveys the message that doing good to others is virtue, and doing bad to others is sin.

If someone is forgetful by nature, he is not harming anyone intentionally. So I do not think it can be considered as sin in any sense.

"Smritibhranghsha" that Sri Krishna referred to in Gita (Gita 2/63) is totally different from forgetfulness.

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