A book by Agehananda Bharati contains a statement on Smartas:

The Smarta-brahmins of the Tamil. Telugu. and Malayalam speaking areas of the Dravidian South of India are no doubt the highest caste by consensus and acclaim; ideologically, they are followers of Samkaracarya ■ they worship all Vedic gods on the ritualistic side, but Siva is their tutelary deity and the monistic Advaita philosophy provides their main ideological framework.

Is it factual about their practices and does the statement about their status have any scriptural basis?

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    Which part of the quote are you asking about? And regardless of which part of the quote you’re asking about, I don’t see how scripture would say anything about it – Keshav Srinivasan Feb 9 at 16:05
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    Why would scripture talk about a sect/group who follow Adi Shankaracharya's ideology formed after 8th century? – Sarvabhouma Feb 9 at 17:14
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    It is very unlikely that scriptures would talk about a sect of brahmins. – Lazy Lubber Feb 9 at 18:05
  • Agehananda Bharati IS scripture, since he was a Dashanami Sanyasi.@Lazy Lubber – S K Feb 9 at 18:41

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