They have voluminous arguments for Vishnu's superiority over other male deities, but if I recall correctly, they also claim Lakshmi's superiority over female deities.

Is there Srivaishnavite scripture that claims this?

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    This is an issue that Thenkalais and Vadakalais disagree about. Thenkalais believe Lakshmi is a Jiva, whereas Vadakalais believe she is Paramatma just like Vishnu. But even Thenkalais believe Lakshmi is a Nitya Suri, and not a Baddha Jiva like Saraswati and Parvati. Feb 12 '19 at 0:03
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    Yes, as I said even Thenkalais view Lakshmi as a Nitya Suri, an eternally liberated soul, as opposed to Saraswati and Parvati who are Baddha Jivas, souls who still need to attain Moksha. And Vadakalais accord Lakshmi even a higher status than what Thenkalais accord her. Feb 12 '19 at 0:34
  • Your question is having anwer if Narayana is supreme over all deity similarly Lakhsmi had to be supreme over all female, male deities.. its pure logic deduction.. in tartamya.. we see Lakshmi is extension of Narayana but not equal to naryana.. But Lakshmi is not Jiva,
    – Prasanna R
    Feb 12 '19 at 6:19
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    In the Vadakalai tradition, there is really no separability of Vishnu and Lakshmi. the Pancharatra Agama says - "This is a subtle pair that defines mutual or reciprocal dependence". Therefore as Vadakalais/Pancharatrins consider Sriman Narayana as Parabrahman, the superlative nature of Lakshmi is implied. Everybody is a jivatma except Lakshmi-Narayana. There is no need to explicitly state Lakshmi is superior to other gods (male or female). (I don't doubt that there are verses to that effect but merely saying that there is no need to base the superiority of Lakshmi just on those verses).
    – hashable
    Feb 12 '19 at 7:03
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    Since Lakshmi and Narayana are inseparable they were their before creation, will be there after dissolution.. In Ramayana we see the story that sita was taken away, in real sense where ever Narayana is there Lakshmi should be there. so Rama never get separated from Sita.. Sita that was taken by Ravana is Maya Sita
    – Prasanna R
    Feb 12 '19 at 7:17

Yes. Vedanta Desikan's Sri-stuti:



AasamsAram vithathamakhilam vAngmayam yadhvibhUthi: yadhbhrUbhangAth kusumadhanusha: kimkarO MerudhanvA yasyAm nithyam nayana sathakai: yEkalakshyO MahEndhra: PadhmE thAsAm pariNathirasou bhAva lESai:Thvadheeyai:

Meaning according to Dr. M.NarasimhAchAry: Sarasvathy, Parvathy and Sachi are but modifications of minute particles of Your own graceful will.

Meaning according to Vaikunta Vaasi Villivalam NaarAyaNAcchAr Swamy: The Iswaryam of knowledge (VidhyA=Kalvi) that is spread all around the world is under the influence of Saraswathi DEvi, the consort of Brahma Devan; Lord SivA, the husband of Paarvathi is subservient to Manmathan fearing the raising of the eye brows of His consort. Indhran is wide awake with all his hundreds of eyes and is looking alertly for the hints form his Devi, SaamrAjya Lakshmi, IndhrANi .Oh MahA Lakshmi! The greatness (Mahimai) of Saraswathi, Parvathi and Indhran's wife are nothing but specks form the power of Your anugraha sankalpam (Volition, Sakthi).

  • I think this is common. Trigunatitaa is the abode of the gunatmikaas.
    – user17294
    Feb 15 '19 at 18:05

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