Apsaras are said to be so beautiful that they enchant and mesmerize even Rishis.

How do Apsaras look? What are their physical characteristics and physical appearance?


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Well from what we have read and heard Apsaras are mostly used to entice/lure others mainly for entertainment or to accomplish some hidden motives. From what I have read Apsaras are very beautiful with big sharp eyes, slender body, long hair, big hips and they walk in a manner so as to seduce others.

ŚB 8.8.7 says:

Next there appeared the Apsarās [who are used as prostitutes on the heavenly planets]. They were fully decorated with golden ornaments and lockets and were dressed in fine and attractive clothing. The Apsarās move very slowly in an attractive style that bewilders the inhabitants of the heavenly planets.

The Mahabharata, Book 3: Vana Parva

And when the twilight had deepened and the moon was up, that Apsara of high hips sent out for the mansions of Arjuna.

The Mahabharata, Book 12: Santi Parva

While thus engaged, the illustrious Rishi, O king, beheld the Apsara Ghritachi, who, in consequence of her energy, was then possessed of great beauty.

Also as has been described here:

In grace and beauty grew the maid, as if Lakshmi's own self had taken woman's form. And when swift years her gracious youth made ripe, Like to an image of dark gold she seemed Gleaming, with waist so fine, and breasts so deep, And limbs so rounded. When she moved, all eyes Gazed after her, as though an Apsara Had lighted out of Swarga. Not one dared, Of all the noblest lords, to ask for wife That miracle, with eyes purple and soft As lotus-petals, that pure perfect maid, Whose face shed heavenly light where she did go.

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