Which tantric books contain traditional detailed illustrations of Chakras, nadis, as well as deities (both vedic 33, puranic including numerous various names/Manifestations of deities) located on/in the body of purusha(including on ears, palms) ?


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The Kundalini and six chakra related concepts and sadhanas are present in many tantras. Shat-Chakra-Nirupana, Swatantra-Tantra and Kankala-malini-Tantra discuss the topics in detail. Tantra is a unique blend of Advaita-Darshana and Yoga-Darshana.

The Kankala-Malini-Tantra describes the deities like Kamini, Dakini, Rakini, Lakini,Kakini,Hakini, etc at different padmas. It also discusses the samadhi state of the sadhaka (Purusha).

Sarada-Tilaka also has the sadhana of shakchakraveda in detail.

Upendrakumar Das has quoted all the relevant slokas with bengali translations in Vol 2 of his 'Shastramulak Bharatiya Shaktisadhana' (chapter 18).

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