1. What happens to the soul when one commits suicide?

  2. Does the rebirth takes instantly?

  3. Do the suicide soul try to make contact with family and friends?

  4. Is it true that the suicide soul has to stay in between till the age he was destined to live on Earth?

    For eg if he was destined to live for 70 years on Earth but he took away his live at the age of 30 so does he has to live for 40 years in between.


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According to Parashara Smriti Chapter 4 verses, given below, such a soul remains in hell for 60 thousand years. So, immediate rebirth is out of consideration.

The fate, which a man or woman comes by after having committed suicide by hanging, either out of inordinate pride, uncurable love, or excessive fright or anger, will be presently described.

For a period of sixty thousand years, the spirit of a suicide is consigned to the darkness of a hell, which is full of blood and fetid pus.

Chapter 4, Sloka 1 & 2.

enter image description here

The subsequent verses say that no period of impurity should be observed in case of such a death and also that no libations of water (Tarpana) must be performed.

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