What was the population of India in the age of Lord Krishna? Was it still overcrowded like it is now? We all know its overpopulated now but was it the same previously?


1/10th of population died in Mahabharata war, so you can calculate from there, there are 18 akshouhini sena 40 lac people killed in the war. 4 crore (4 - 5 crore) approx. 5115 years back

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    where did you get the 1/10th number ? – ram Feb 21 at 23:53
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    You should cite some sources to backup your answer. – Paṇḍyā Feb 22 at 3:56
  • Source Bannaje Govindacharya youtube video – Prasanna R Feb 22 at 5:08
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    youtube is not a source. – Swami Vishwananda Feb 22 at 6:29

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