There are conflicting evidences regarding the fifty-one Shakti-peethas in different scriptures. The locations and descriptions available on net and youtube are full of mistakes and showing false images.

Can anybody provide their authentic locations mentioning the body parts, preferably with images,especially of the following : Suchidesha, Mithila, Panchasagara, Gandaki, Kaalamadhava.

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Here is a partial answer regarding the 5 Shakti Pithas you have mentioned separately:

Mithila (43rd in the list):

Mithilayam uma devi vamaskandhah mahodarah ||

In Mithila, Devi's left shoulder fell and Bhairava is Mahodarah.

Suchi or Anala (33):

Samharakhya urdhadanto devi narayani shuchau ||

Upper tooth fell in Suchi and Devi is called Narayani here.

Apparently, there is no such place called Anala in India, so, the historians concluded this to be near a lake in Amhedabad (Gujarat).

Pancha Sagarah (34):

Adhodanta maharudro varahi panchasagare ||

In Panchasagar, Devi's lower tooth fell; Devi's name is Varahi here and Bhairava is Maharudra.

Kalamadhava (29):

Nitamba kalamadhave | Bhairavaschasitanhascha devi kali susiddhida ||

Devi's buttocks fell in Kala Madhava; Devi is called Kali and Bhairava is Asitanga.

Gandaki or Gandaka (11):

Gandakyam ganda patashcha tatra siddhirnasamsayaha |
Tantra sa gandaki chandi chakrapanistu bhairava ||

In Gandaka region fell Sati's cheeks and here Siddhi is achieved without doubt; Devi here is known as Ganadaki Chandi and Bhairava is Chakrapani.

Note, Gandaki or Gandaka is not a place but a river in Nepal.

Source is an article in one book (Jyotish and Nakshtra) that I have. I am not sure from which scriptures it is quoting the verses given.

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