What is the right pronounciation of the sanskrit word or a combination of words - वध्र् यश्व।य॑ that appears in the first stanza of Sarasvati Suktam?

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  • how would u be able to understand the pronunciation unless u hear it? – user17294 Mar 1 at 15:18
  • Do you want the words in english letters? – user17294 Mar 1 at 15:19
  • Englsh preferred.In one of commentries about Sarasvati Sukta, the author has given the pronounciation as "vadhri ashvaya". Is it correct? – Syam Kumar. V Mar 1 at 15:43
  • yes that okay more or less – user17294 Mar 1 at 15:44
  • Note that pure sanskrit questions may be closed as off-topic. – Pandya Mar 2 at 16:18

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