What historically authenticated records of this Adi-Sankarācharya's event exist now ? i.e., before he established Shankara Mutt at KedarNath?

When was it conducted, who were the organizers and participants? How were meeting details recorded?

Vedanta Sadas [1:48:48 sec to 1:52:26 sec]

The movie/video script may have been altered for some popular appeal.

  • sarvajna peetham at kudajadri mountain kollur – Rakesh Joshi Mar 4 at 16:44
  • Near Mookanbika/Karnataka? Any documents survived/available ? – Narasimham Mar 4 at 17:00
  • I am saying that the place is in Karnataka – Rakesh Joshi Mar 4 at 17:22
  • So the meeting was to nominate/elect Shankara as Head of Peetham at Kashmir? – Narasimham Mar 12 at 16:11
  • what did u read ? and which book ? – Rakesh Joshi Mar 12 at 16:28

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