We have three major avatars in Kali yuga till now. Sri RamaKrishna paramahans, Sri Shirdi Sai and Sri Satya Sai baba.

Where can I get their sahasranama stotrams? In addition to Sanskrit an English or Hindi translation would be better.

What are the benefits of daily reciting them?

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Sahasranama stotras :

Sri RamaKrishna paramhans sahasranama can be downloaded from https://archive.org/details/SriRamakrishnaSahasranamaStotramTABhandarkar1979_201806/page/n17

The benefits of reciting this is descried here: https://archive.org/details/SriRamakrishnaSahasranamaStotramTABhandarkar1979_201806/page/n11

By reading this Sanskrit book the devotees will be able to meditate upon and understand the significance of Holy incarnation of Lord Sri RamaKrishna. Those who read or recite this partially will be blessed by Sri Thakur and Holy mother.

Sri Shirdi Sai Sahasranama can be read from here:

http://www.shirdisaimandiryazali.com/sahasranamam or http://www.shirdisaibabadhuni.com/sri-sai-sahasranama-archana-1000-blessings-of-shirdi-saibaba/

The benefits are:

  1. If one dally repeats Sai’s names and meditates on Sai, then he will surely attain (Dharma) Virtue, (Artha) wealth, (Kama) enjoyment and (Moksha) Salvation. There is no doubt about this.

  2. The issueless, will thus obtain issue; the poor, wealth; the student Learning and the maiden will obtain a good husband.

  3. Sai who loves the devotees who have surreendered themselves to Him gives everything to them, (so) seek refuge with Sai, who grants boons beneficial in this world and beyond.

Sri Satya Sai Sahasranama can be read from here:


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