Sri Sri Sitaramdas Omkarnath quotes one line of a sloka in one of His writings:

na sikshed yaavanim bhaashaam na gachched jaina-mandiram

meaning : One should not learn any European (Yaavani) language and go to any Jain temple.

Which scripture is the source of this sloka? Thanks.

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The closest thing I found is in Bhavishya Purana 3.28.53 which says following:

  1. na vadet yāvanīṁ bhāṣāṁ prāṇaiḥ kaṇṭhagatair api ||
    gajair āpīdyamāno ’pi na gacchej jainamandiram ||

One should not speak the Yāvanī language, even when his/her life is in his/her throat. (Also,) one should not go to a Jaina temple, even when pressed by elephants.


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