How many Kalpas are there in total and do they occur again in cycle form?

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Due to cyclic nature, it's nearly impossible to calculate number of all the Kalpas of all Brahmas of all time. However, this can be be calculated for current Brahma.

Brahma's one day is equal to 1 Kalpa. Brahma's night also equal to 1 Kalpa but there would be no creation during that time.

The current Brahma has completed 50 years or one Pardha at the end of previous Padma kalpa. His 2nd Pardha started with current Sveta Varaha kalpa.

So, [(1+1)x360x50] = 36000 Kalpas have been passed in current Brahma's lifespan where 18000 were for his night (when no creation exists).

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