The answer to this question How was Jatayu able to fight with Ravana? says that jatayu went to fight indra. Any description available for that fight?


I think the earlier answer, the OP is referring to, gave a slight different meaning of the sloka from Aranya Kanda of Ramayana, in which Sampati describes his journey to Sun, along with his brother.

That is why a confusion arose. Go through the meaning of the sloka from a different site.


पुरा वृत्र वधे वृत्ते स च अहम् च जय एषिणौ | आदित्यम् उपयातौ स्वो ज्वलंतम् रश्मि मालिनम् || ४-५८-४

"Once, when the elimination of demon Vritta was taking place at the hand of Indra, we two eagle-brothers sportively desiring to surpass each other flew sunward, and we have gone very near to the scorch-rayed sun...

So the 2 brothers Sampati and Jatayu flew, when the fight between Vritta and Indra was taking place. It was not about the fight between Jatayu and Indra.

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