I am a European philosophically convinced by Hindu metaphysics (more particularly by advaita vedanta in the tradition of Adi Shankara that I discovered via René Guénon). I say this to explain that I came to Hinduism by reason, not by faith in the Scriptures, so this argument of authority does not convince me on its own.

There is one thing I don't understand; why pray to gods, and believe that gods exist?

Not only do they seem not to exist in themselves, and that I see no reason other than blind faith to believe in them, but even in the idea that they exist they are only illusory forms of the Brahman who is impersonal, so prayer becomes even more useless. I have difficulty understanding how one can believe in Brahman from a "vedantine" point of view (with the identity of Being and Consciousness and impersonal non-dual reality) and believe in the gods and actually pray to them.

I hope I'm clear, thank you.

edit : I do not doubt the Brahman but precisely the mutiple and personal gods, I see no reason other than blind faith to believe in them, (I am not talking about Brahman, I repeat it, but about Ishvara, Shiva, Krishna etc), and that even if they exist from the vedantin point of view they are illusions of an impersonal reality so prayer is always useles, so this subject is not a duplication of the other one that talks about Brahman's existence

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  • my question is about the multiple personal gods not the Absolute (Brahman) who can be called God – Kalapa Mar 25 at 8:31
  • Absolute Brahman is generally NOT translated as God.Personal God is termed as Ishvara or Bhagavan – user17294 Mar 25 at 8:32
  • Yes, I know, but my question still stands, it also applies even to Ishvara who (if he exists) is an illusion, so no interest in praying to him, in the end everything is impersonal Brahman so prayer is useless – Kalapa Mar 25 at 8:35
  • Who told it that its an illusion? – user17294 Mar 25 at 8:36
  • That He is different from our True Self is an illusion – user17294 Mar 25 at 8:37

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