Main tenets of Advaita is to realize that you are God, But Hiranyakashipu did the same, Was he correct according to Advaita? He had acquired Astama siddhi because of which he is able to travel to vaikuntha, but not able to see Vishnu, which no Asura or other godly being done including Prahalad, Arjuna.

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    Hirayakashyipu feels he is Brahman out of ego. But Advaita's notion is we should experience we are Brahman, like in state of Jivanmukta, without realization Sadhaka can only know intellectually he is Brahman but can't really feel himself as God, and for that Sadhaka world is real like other beings. So, first Vedas say "tat Tvam Asi" and then we experience after realization "Aham Brahmasmi". He couldn't see Vishnu (Vishnum = who is spread everywhere) as he didn't experience Vishnu (permeating Brahman everywhere). – The Destroyer Mar 26 at 10:34
  • First step to realize without ego that im God than you are verily that God who is invincible (not slayed, no death). is it not your ego is emboldened to that extent that you are invincible and defy death.. than you can say that im God or I will be equal to him God.. But if you destroy the eGO then you are nothing.. that is what you are able to identify yourself as you. personally there is only one way that one can call oneself as God is emboldened EGO or he thinks others are just nothing all or maya @TheDestroyer – Prasanna R Mar 26 at 10:40
  • Regarding "tat Tvam Asi" this is one word taken out of uddkala and sveta ketu conversion and blown out of context. First any word that is said can be fully understood only when you know that context what, when, where, how and why is said, in management 5 why principle is there. to understand tat tvam asi, you need to get the answer 5 why? @TheDestroyer – Prasanna R Mar 26 at 10:44
  • aham Brahma asmi, if you are purely Vedic or vaidika you know that most of words in vedas are abbreviation. like "OM" kara, for person of less intellect its just one letter, but if you split its 3 letter, shankara says its 6 letter, but Bhogar said its 8 letter, M@Thedestroyer – Prasanna R Mar 26 at 10:51
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    @Pratimaputra If the question was asked with a genuine spirit of enquiry, it deserves an answer. – I will close your question Mar 26 at 13:54

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