More questions about the iconography of the young Krishna, this time in his Laddu Gopal swaroop, which I believe is a traditional image of Bal Gopal in Rajasthan, MP and other parts of India.

Here is the gift I received which prompted the question -- the young Krishna frozen in time, sakshat accepting the offerings of the young Raghunandan Das:

enter image description here

My curiosity is about the icons on the soles of the Lord's feet. Here is his left foot, for example:

enter image description here

There are, what appear to be, the moon, a triangle, a swastika, a recumbent "E" and a bunch of grapes. What do they mean?

Similarly, here is the right foot:

enter image description here

This is little rougher, but essentially there is still the triangle, the "E" and the swastika, but now we have the sun instead of the moon, and an arrow.

Would love to understand what all these symbols signify.

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enter image description here

Everything does not correspond. I have marked with red circle what seemed unexpected and ? mark where I am not sure.


Referene : https://iskcondesiretree.com/group/krishnaconsciousness/forum/topics/the-marks-on-the-lotus-feet-of-lord-krishna

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