If god exists, then for what reason and why does he exist? Is it that he exists only for creation and destruction? What does he get by doing so? Why doesn't he appears when someone calls to him? Is not it frustrating?

Can it be assumed that if someone doesn't appear or respond even after a deadly call to him that he doesn't exist? Does that means God doesn't exist?

  • Only few of the six philosophies believe in the existence of God.The God who responds to call is only mentioned in the bhakti-shastras.Either we have to believe in the sayings of such scriptures and saints and seek for ourselves or we can deny its existence outright.
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According to me, there is a positive source of energy, we call it 'God'. We are growing, plants are growing. Who is responsible for that? Is there any person? Is there any scientist. No the answer is that positive source of energy 'God'.

Shri Krishna said that he had come to Earth as 'human being' so he could not use powers of 'Narayana'. If he used his powers, the war (Mahabharata) would have finished in a day only.

This source responses by giving you confidence that he is with you. Whenever you face any trouble, you have an unknown confidence. Have you ever wonder why God is your first whenever you face any trouble, this is because he creates a new sourse in you.

You feel that if he is with you can overcome any difficult situation, it makes your mind to move ahead This is how we can feel his existence.

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  • "Who is responsible for that? " we are. Cells replicate and is part of a process called mitosis no god interferes with that process.
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