There is a temple of Bheem also known as Bhimsena or Mahabali Bhim in the premises of Gorakhnath math in Gorakhpur. What is the importance of this temple? Give references from scriptures to validate your answer. Bheem is the Pandava who was very strong.

Bheem image in gorakhnath temple


As to the story goes, Pandavas were performing 'Rajsuya Yagya' to strengthen their kingdom. Thus, Yudhisthir sent Bheem to Gorakhnath to invite him.

But Gorakhnath was in samadhi at that time so Bheem had to wait. Meanwhile, Bheem laid down on the floor and fell asleep and when he woke up a pit was formed in the ground because of his body weight. So, a temple was made in the memory of this story and it's an attraction now.

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    Just wondering how this is an answer from scripture – Carmen sandiego Feb 19 at 13:20

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