What is the best way to do Lakshmi Puja in Diwali?

So how should one go with the following before starting with the puja?

  • What are the things that we need to use?
  • What is the actual process?

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Remember One thing that every worship or prayer needs your faith and The Holy Spirit and it is the core component of a successful worship

  • Worship must be conducted with a calm frame of mind. One should be calm and the mind should be quiet while doing this worship and afterwards too.

  • This is not easy, but one must try patiently and assiduously for this calm frame of mind. This is very important.

  • Calmness is a result of one's confidence and faith in God.

Worship Procedure

Print out the two photos of Sundara MahaLakshmi and her consort Kamala Varadaraja and frame them. Click on the links below to get these photos:

  1. Keep these photos in front of you at the level of your eyes when you are seated. (If you have a home shrine, that much better!)

  2. It is a good idea to light a minimum of two deepa lamps and place them on either side of or in front of the deity photos. Lighting a minimum of two incense sticks and keeping them near the deities is also a good idea. If you don't know how to do this, skip to the next step.

  3. Sit down in front of the photos of Sundara MahaLakshmi and lord Kamala Varadarajar. These photos should be at the level of your eyes.

Chanting following Verse

Ya Sa Padma Sanastha Vipula Kati Tati Padma Patrayat Aksi
Gam Bhira Vartana Bhistana Bharana Mita Subhra Vastrottariya
Ya Laksmir Divya Rupa Irmani Gana Kha Citaih Sna Pitahema Kumbh Aih
Sa Nityam Padma Hasta Mama Vasatu Grhe Sarva Mangalyayukta Swaha

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    – Akshay
    Oct 17, 2014 at 14:04

The consort of Lord Vishnu, Lakshmi is the Goddess of wealth and prosperity. She bestows eight kinds of wealth. In Hindu households she is the most commonly worshipped Goddess. It is believed that there will not be prosperity if Goddess Lakshmi is not worshipped. Vidya lakshmi bestows knowledge, Vijaya Lakshmi is associated with success, Dhanya Lakshmi is for food and prosperity, Soubhagya Lakshmi for a happy marriage, Dhairya Lakshmi is for courage and Santana Lakshmi is worshipped for children.

Goddess Lakshmi is believed to exist in various forms. The most important of them are Neeladevi, Bhoodevi and Sridevi. Sridevi represents movable assets and Bhoodevi is known for immoveable assets. When Lord Vishnu has taken avataras or different form to save the universe, Goddess Lakshmi also came in other forms to support him. During Ramavatara, Ram’s wife Sita is considered to be Goddess Lakshmi.

Lakshmi is also known as Sri or Thirumagal as she is associated with six divine and auspicious qualities. Diwali and Kojagiri Purnima are celebrated in the honour of Gddess Lakshmi.

Lakshmi’s other names

Goddess Lakshmi is known with several names. Padma, Kamala, Padmapriya, Padmamaladhara devi, Padmamukhi, Padmakshi, Padmahasta, Padmasundari are some of them. She is worshipped with her special 1008 names as mentioned in the scriptures.

In praise of Lakshmi

There are several slokas which praise Mahalakshmi. Some of the most popular prayers are “Sri Mahalakshmi Ashtakam”, “Lakshmi Stuti”, “Kanakadhara stotram”, “Agastya Lakshmi Stotra” and “Sri Sukta”.

According to Kalki Purana, when Vishnu will incarnate as Kalki, Lakshmi will appear in the form of Padma and two sons will be born.

Business people worship Goddess Lakshmi every day before commencing the work. Thursdays and Fridays are considered auspicious for worshipping Goddess Lakshmi.


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