I've seen videos on the internet where people are worshiping god, almost all the time... They suggest to do so too... It really makes me uncomfortable, as I am not much spiritual. Is it necessary to do Spirituality most of the time? My situation is also not suited...

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    Just pray to God whenever you can. Remember him whenever possible for at least a few seconds once in a while. Wherever you are, thank him and praise him with true love and devotion. If done with very very genuine love and devotion, it is simply pure Bhakti. This is a crore times better than all the Pujas done with no devotion, but simply for the sake of doing it. Rembering, praying, praising, and thanking him from wherever you are is more than enough! It is also one of the nine types of Bhakti; it is called Smaranam (literally meaning remembering the Lord). – user15963 Apr 24 '19 at 20:01

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