Lord Krishna is generally not worshipped as 'father'.He is worshippd as 'friend', 'master', 'lover', 'child' etc. Lord Shiva on the other hand, is worshipped mainly as father.

Sri Krishna told in Gita that He is the father of the world. Lord Shiva is known as the destroyer of the world often.

So why is Shiva worshipped as 'father' while Krishna is never?

I believe that both are the forms of the same Para-Brahman by the way and do not treat any of them as superior or inferior to the other.

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    Krishna is avatar of Parabrahman and Krishna is Non different from Isvara. Lord Shiva is not destroyer but he is the Param jyoti! Destroyer is Rudra! – Akshay S Apr 26 at 13:14
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    Yes, i used the word 'often' for that. But the basic Q remains! @AkshayS – user17294 Apr 26 at 13:20
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    Well in general a father is supposed to be strong, masculine, strict, non-emotional, angry at times hence in a way portrays image that of Shiva, where as Krishna is more of a lover, a Casanova, very emotional, easy going ..... traits not usually related with most fathers. @commonman – Just_Do_It Apr 26 at 20:43
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    You can worship him as father.Krishna is not worshiped as father because he's character in mahabharata and other epics is like friend and master.And shivas character is that of father in shivas epics.So what people know they will worship that style.It doesn't matter how you worship them as but as you worship them they will be behave like your father,brother etc.Example tulsi and radha worshiped him as lover.Arjun as friend.Whatever you worship you become the same.Example prahlada found god every where and god use to appear everywhere like pillar..... – Pravin RGMishra Apr 27 at 2:36
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    @PravinRGMishra The number of children and wives of Lord Krisnna are much higher than those of Lord Shiva as per the scriptures. – user17294 Apr 27 at 5:48

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