I came across interesting verses in Garuda purana verses (1.113.14-16)

  1. Bhima, Arjuna and others were born as princes, they were pleasing and delightful like the moon; they were valorous, truthful, brilliant like the sun and were kindly protected by Lord Krishna. Even they were subjected to abject misery by the influence of evil planets; they had to beg for alms.; if fate is adverse who is capable of what ? The current of previous actions tosses every one about.

  2. Obeisance to Karma which forces Brahma to work like a potter in the bowls of cosmos by which Visnu was cast into distress of ten incarnations; by which Rudra was compelled to beg for alms with a skull in his hand and at the behest of which the sun goes round and round in the sky.

  3. The donor was King Bali, the receiver Lord Visnu himself, the gift consisted of whole Earth and that too in the presence of learned brahmins. What did he get in return ? Only bondage. O Fate ! obeisance to Thee—who workest as it pleasest thee.

What are the stories of each god that caused them to be bound in that manner?

But, we also hear statements from Gita that "I am not bound by any karma" etc..

Does the Garuda purana verses prove supremacy of karma over all the gods as well?

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    You know well the difference between the God and the gods! – user17294 Apr 27 at 11:42

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