Panchashikha is a character who appears in the Mahabharata. I found the name interesting. A shikha is the tuft of hair that remains after an upanayana ceremony. Why would someone be named Panchashikha (5 shikhas)?

  • where to keep shikha differs for sects. some have in back, some top, and one sect keeps 5 shikhas.
    – ram
    Apr 28, 2019 at 1:02

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'Pancha-sikha' means the following

A lion

Name of a Gandharva

Name of a Śāṃkhya teacher

Name of an attendant of Śiva

Having tufts of hair on the head (as an ascetic)

So it seems to be a part of some ascetic lineage.

Reference: Sanskritdictionary.com

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