In which Purana, Brihat Samhita finds a place? What does this depict?

  • It is an work on Astrology by Varahamihira and so NOT part of any Purana. – user17294 Apr 30 at 14:00

Brihat Samhita (वृहत्संहिता) is a work of Varāhamihira, a well known polymath and astronomer lived around 5th-6th century. His most notable three works are

  1. Brihat Jaataka
  2. Brihat Samhita
  3. Pancha-Siddhantika

You can get Brihat Samhita Sanskrit verse with English translation from Internet Archive.

enter image description here

Puranas, on other hand are written by Vedavyasa (who is an 'Avatara' of Vishnu) in the Dwapara Yuga and forms important class in Hindu texts.

Since Brihat Samhita by Varahamihira is a work later to Puranas, it is obvious that Puranas wouldn't include (or even mention) Brihat Samhita. In other words, Brihat Samhita is not a part of Purana.

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