According to several sites, the following quote is from the Vedas. Some state that it is from the Atharva Veda but the verse no. is not mentioned.

"Do not be led by others, awaken your own mind, amass your own experience, and decide for yourself your own path." — Vedas (specifically Atharva Veda, according to some sites)

Can anyone confirm the Veda/book/chapter this verse is taken from?

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    if it was truly from the Atharva veda, why do they not give the verse #? why not ask the websites that quote it? Commented May 13, 2019 at 7:10

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I think this quote is specifically meant for women. The wording may be different, but from Veda.

Rig Veda 10.159 is dedicated to Saci Paulomi.

A women speaks after waking up in morning:

“My destiny is as glorious as the rising sun. I am the flag of my home and society. I am also their head. I can give impressive discourses. My sons conquer enemies. My daughter illuminates the whole world. I myself am winner of enemies. My husband has infinite glory. I have made those sacrifices which make a king successful. I have also been successful. I have destroyed my enemies.”

1.YON Sun hath mounted up, and this my happy fate hate mounted high. I knowing this, as conqueror have won my husband for mine own.

2 I am the banner and the head, a mighty arbitress am I: I am victorious, and my Lord shall be submissive to my will.

3 My Sons are slayers of the foe, my Daughter is a ruling Queen: I am victorious: o’er my Lord my song of triumph is supreme.

4 Oblation, that which Indra gave and thus grew glorious and most high,— This have I offered, O ye Gods, and rid me of each rival wife.

5 Destroyer of the rival wife, Sole Spouse, victorious, conqueror, The others' glory have I seized as ’twere the wealth of weaker Dames.

6 I have subdued as conqueror these rivals, these my fellow-wives, That I may hold imperial sway over this Hero and the folk.

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