While attend an lecture, i was told that the shivalingam is made up of granite that has radioactive counterparts of Uranium, radon and many other elements. So pouring the water on the shivalingam compensate the effect of radioactive compounds.

And we are not allowed to touch The water after pouring on shivalingam

Question:- Is this reason correct or it just an scientific explanation of that practice.

Thankyou here is the reference

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  • From the link, i understood the spiritual meaning of the practice. As it refer the water as "charnamrit" , but my question is sustained as ' it can be possible explanation of abhishake ? – Vedant Chourey May 17 at 7:09
  • Just to let you know asking for scientific reasons or explanations for some religious practice is considered as off-topic here. Btw welcome to the site. @VedantChourey – Rickross May 18 at 5:01
  • Ok i will keep that in mind in future – Vedant Chourey May 18 at 5:02
  • @Rickross without relating mastras or shastra or vedas to science none can understand the essence of them.Science is what vedas teach If mere chanting of mantras has the power then why only arjuna was the one...because he knew the science behind shooting.So hinduism is real science and website should not consider it as off topic. – Pravin RGMishra May 18 at 8:09

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