While reading one research thesis from Shodhaganga, I've noticed following line at the information about Shakas on Samaveda.

According to Śaunaka there were 1000 śākhās, but they were destroyed by Indra when they studied by the pupils on the day of Anadhyāya27.

27 सामवेदस्य किल सहस्रभेदाः भवन्ति । एष्वनध्यायेष्वधीयानास्ते शतक्रतुवजेणाभिहताः ।

It says that Shakhas of Samavedas were destroyed by Indra, citing sanskrit text from Charanavyuha which is a work of Shaunaka which mention the quoted line.

So, What is the story of Indra destroyed the Shakas of Samaveda?


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