Pooja koti samam stotram
Stotra koti samam japam
Japa koti samam dhyanam
Dhyan koti manor layam

What is the meaning of manor layam in the above Shloka ?

Note : On some other sites samolayah is also used in place of manor layam, which one is correct ?


This Sloka is found in the 9th Chapter of the KulArnava Tantram.

PujAkoti-samam stotram stotra-koti-samo japah |
Japa-koti-samam dhyAnam dhyAna-koti-samo layah ||

Stotra is equal to a crore of PujA. A Japa is equal to crore of Stotra. DhyAna is equal to a crore of Japah and one crore of DhyAna is equal to Laya.

KulArnava Tantram, Chapter 9, Sloka 36

Here, "Laya" means "dissolution of mind" referring to a Samadhi kind of state which is achieved at the highest stage of Dhyanam. That's why its stated "dhyAna-koti-samo layah".

The verse is talking about some kind of a hierarchy of some spiritual practices like doing a formal worship, chanting mantras, reciting Stotras etc. And the whole Chapter is dedicated to the topic of Kula-Yoga and Kula-Yogis.

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