Puranas are the Scriptures of Hinduism which are accepted by some people and rejected by some people.There are 18 mahapuranas which are the most important. The basic theory that puranas are interpolated or not written by Sage vyaasa arises because many verses of Puranas contradict each other.Vishnu puran says lord vishnu is supreme and other devas are it s subordinates and the same Shiva Mahapuran says that lord shiva is supreme and other devas are it s subordinates (same thing in Devi puran etc).some puranic stories also contradict other but to defend these puranas the theory is that the contradiction is arised due to Kalpa-Bheda.it could be true also.

*Now I want to know what did adi shankara thought about puranas?He mainly wrote a commentary on Upanishads and Bhagavad Gita,Did he mention anything about puranas?Are puranas authentic Accoridng to Shankara?

  • The period at which Sri Sankara existed itself is in dispute. Some say it was 509–477 BCE and some others say it was around 700 – c. 750 CE . And, most of the texts that were attributed to Adi Shankara and are likely to be works of his admirers or scholars (en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Adi_Shankara ). So how can we make sure that his observations on Puranas are from his own writings?@Karmanya Nanda – srimannarayana k v Jun 15 at 16:16

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