Whenever Lord Vishnu descended on earth in human form, all demigods like Indra,Vayu, Surya, Adi Shesha and others also came along with Him. When Lord Vishnu took Ramavatara, Adi Shesha was born as His younger brother Lakshmana, Vayu was born as Hanuman, Surya was Sugriva etc. When Lord Vishnu took Krishnavatara, Adi Shesha was His elder brother Balarama, Indra was Arjuna, Vayu was Bheema etc. Even Goddess Lakshmi was born as Seeta and Rukmini respectively during Ramavatara and Krishnavatara. Why is it that Garuda, the vahana of Lord Vishnu, never took birth to assist Him during His avataras?

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    I cannot recall any of the vahanas to incarnate on earth but I could be mistaken. – Wikash_ Jun 14 at 9:11

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