Suppose a person attains siddhi over a particular mantra.

Is it recommended by scriptures to hide about possession of such siddhi from public?

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    Siddhis must be kept secret. Showing or not can be possible only by Guru or Divine order. – TheLittleNaruto Feb 15 at 17:48

I dont know how should I explain in which sadhana I read it, (also I am not sure of its validity in all sadhanas) in Nila-Saraswati tantra(16th Ulhassa), 119th verse:

तेन चेन्निधनं न स्यात्तदा देवी प्रकुप्यति। त्रिरात्र वाथ षड्रात्र नवरात्रचत्व गोपयेत्‌ ॥

Forget about the first line, the second line says a person who has attained siddhi must keep it secret for 3 nights or 6 nights or 9 nights.

Found one more for Kundalini shakti.

कुन्डलीशवितसिद्धि: साद्वर्णकोटिशतैरपि। तस्मात्त्वयापि गिरिजे गोपनौय प्रयत्नतः॥

Through the means of 100 crore varnas, one obtains the siddhi of Kundalini shakti, one must by all means keep it secret. (KankalMalini tantra)

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