Would like to know relation between Chamunda and Kali In one of my previous posts, @Rickross mentioned Kali having /holding kapala whereas Chamunda doesn't hold Kapala.
But, when I talked to persons in my village who are Shakteyas, told me Chamunda is also kind of "flavor"of Kali. Both are having 3 letters in common : "aim", "hrim", " klim" I am surprised, what may be the relationship between these two!

NB: I would love to talk about this "Kapaala" more.

  • Not really about the question but when you have found something useful in the comment, ask the users to convert comments to answers so that everyone get to read them. Comments are not for answers. I found one of your posts where you have agreed with the comment but it is still not answered. Please do so. Which previous post are you talking about? Please link it so that users will get idea about the background of the question. – Sarvabhouma Jul 1 at 5:50
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    See this answer .. it answers from the Puranic standpoint: hinduism.stackexchange.com/a/16536/4732 – Rickross Jul 1 at 6:39
  • Okay, but the Dhyana/Avastha are different for both Chamunda & Kali... – userAZLogicApps Jul 1 at 7:43
  • Yes I have to check that .. need time @SaMolPP – Rickross Jul 1 at 10:13

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