Is it ok to chant ramanama without initiation? I am chanting without initiation until now.

Is it ok to chant ramanama without tulasi beads?

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    Apparently Nama-japa does not require initiation .. see this: hinduism.stackexchange.com/questions/20169/… – Rickross Jul 5 at 6:21
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    I have heard that one cannot use om with other mantras without talking initiation. Is it true? – aniket kumar singh Jul 5 at 18:05
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    That is what the scriptures usually say @aniketkumarsingh – Rickross Jul 6 at 5:52
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    Its better u count using beads @Learner – Rickross Jul 10 at 5:54
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    But if u know the method of counting using fingers then u can avoid using Japamala but using Japamala is the usual thing. @Learner – Rickross Jul 10 at 6:14

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