Can You Tell me where from I get the Ribhu Gita in Sanskrit-Hindi Translation/Transliteration. I searched everywhere in markets and also on Internet.Help me if you know This rarest book?

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The Ribhu Gita is the 6th part of the Hinduism scripture called as Shivarahasya Purana . This is one of the Upapuranas concerning to Shaiva tradition . Here in this Purana we find teachings of Lord Siva to His devotee RIBHU. The content of Ribhu Gita is been described as related to advaita, monist or nondual philosophy. Ribhu Gita is a dialogue between Sage Ribhu and Sage Nidagha about the Atman and Brahman.

As you are required here is English Downloadable PDF Of Ribhu Gita by By Dr Pradeep Apte

And here are the Sanskrit shlokas of the Ribhu Gita.
If you are interested in listning to it here is Ribhu Gita in MP3 format where we can listen or download chapter files.

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