Which books do you recommend to learn about atheist and/or agnostic schools of Sanatana Dharma?

I haven't got any good references.

I have heard about the book known as Sarva Darsana Sangraha written by 14th century Hindu scholar Madhava Acharya, where he lists the major ideological schools of Sanatana Dharma. Athiesm was its first chapter, and a few pages were written on the same topic.

I wish to know about the philosophies of the Sanatana Dharma which believed in no god or higher power.

I have found a book called Sankhya Karika written on Sankhya school of philosophy. I am yet to read it. How is it? What are some more books about it?

Please suggest me a few books and/or scriptures where I can read, in details, the philosophical schools which believed in no god or higher power.

Suggestion of books which write about this philosophies are also welcome.



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