How about this. Awareness is the substratum​ of the universe and it acts as the conductor media between 2 linked atomic subparticl​es subject to quantum entabgleme​nt. Think of each subparticl​e piece as having a terminal and the connector between them is space. All space is linked together as one mass, even within atoms, and that space is the substratum​ conductor. Thus action on one would be instantane​ous action on the other to link the spooky action of the other. It could all be binary. Awareness merely makes the availabili​ty and instantane​ously action occurs. This would explain how quantum entangleme​nt violates the theory of relativity​ by exceeding the speed of light. It would also explain the double slit experiment​ where observatio​n changes the state of matter. Just a thought.

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    You are trying to co-relate religious concepts with scientific ones but that is not allowed on this site. So, your post will be closed as off-topic. BTW welcome to the site! – Rickross Jul 24 '19 at 5:36
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    The entire universe has a coherent superimposition qubit of light(1) and darkness(0). For example, when you look above, all you see Stars(Suns)(1) shining in Darkness(0). But every sun after explosion will eventually go into darkness forming black hole or red dwarf. Similarly, on this earth all the creatures shines within their domain of body. This earth and its living beings are already quantumly entangled and hence every creature has freedom of actions because all are born from same light of Sun(Eko ham bahu Syam- I am one, let me be many-Vedas) and even God doesnot know your next action. – Manu Kumar Jul 24 '19 at 5:42
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    All your actions already exists in you in a superimposed state in darkness of mind within you, and when you do some action, it immediately effects this earth with which you have been entangled. Every creature having a soul itself is an independent macro particle with their brain is a nucleus and body and nerves an orbital path of electrons/energy and from theory of relativity you can understand that why some people have aura to effect or attract others. Higher the light within/consciousness, more that person produces bend in space and time and hence higher is his intellect and popularity. – Manu Kumar Jul 24 '19 at 5:46
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    good question! I believe yes it is related to THAT. – Sai Baikampadi Jul 24 '19 at 15:29
  • Check out Quantum Darwinism – Gopal Anantharaman Jul 26 '19 at 6:43

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