I read somewhere on this site that Bhishma's age was around 140 years when he died. But Satyavati was his mother, so, she must have been ~160 years old if she was alive when Bhishma died (I could be wrong here).

Also, I saw in Star Plus Mahabharat (here S20E10) that Vyasa tells Satyavati to die because she won't be able to bear the darkness of future after the war.

If that's true, it means she could have lived even longer. Maybe 200 years? Was living 200 years possible at that time? What's the truth?

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After death of Pandu, Vyasa advised Satyavati to retire into the forest and engage in the contemplation through Yoga.

On this advice, Satyavati retired to forest where she left her body:

Acquiescing in the words of Vyasa, Satyavati entered the inner apartments and addressed her daughter-in-law, saying, 'O Ambika, I hear that in consequence of the deeds of your grandsons, this Bharata dynasty and its subjects will perish. If thou permit, I would go to the forest with Kausalya, so grieved at the loss of her son.' O king, saying this the queen, taking the permission of Bhishma also, went to the forest. And arriving there with her two daughters-in-law, she became engaged in profound contemplation, and in good time leaving her body ascended to heaven.'

~Mahaabhaarata: Aadi Parva: Sambhava Parva: SECTION CXXVIII

But Satyavati was his mother, so, she must have been ~160 years old if she was alive when Bhishma died

It's not necessary that Satyavati's age has to be more than that of Bhishma as she was not biological mother of Bhishma. When she married to Santanu, Bhishma was already of matured age. So, she was more or less of the same age of Bhishma. As she died after Pandu's death when Pandvas were infants, so she would be in her sixties or seventies [ 140 (Bhishma's age in Mahabharata war) - 91 (Yudhisthira's age in Mahabharata war) + 16 (Yudhisthira's age when Pandu died) + Y (years she spent in forest) ].


What were the ages of Pandavas & other characters during the Mahabharata war?

  • Can anyone tell me Viduraji how much long lived on this earth? Actually he was Dharma Raj according Chapter 65,Aadi Parva, Mahabharata.
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  • @user17854 u can ask this in hinduism.stackexchange.com/questions/32873/…
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  • Dhanyavad (θ‿θ)
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    I am assuming while accepting this answer that, Satyavati was Shantanu's 2nd wife. First was Ganga.
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    @Vikas "Satyavati was Shantanu's 2nd wife. First was Ganga"-- yes, true..
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