How give my own painting of Baby Lord Krishna while respecting Hindu sentiments.

Is mailing allowed, or should I deliver personally?

Specifically, what does Hinduism say about transporting/gifting images/idols of Deities?

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  • I don't think their's any such rule about sending paintings of God through USPS. Sentiments would most probably not be hurt. – Complex Numbers Aug 17 at 2:34
  • Should be respectful, must be with clean stuff, no nonveg near to it, better to be on top, no feet should touch it, keep it unbroken place. These are some of them I can think of. – user2225190 Aug 17 at 7:36
  • I like your idea of presenting a God's painting which should not be stopped because of your lack of knowledge so sent the above comment 👍👌 – user2225190 Aug 17 at 7:45
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    @paṇḍyā I updated question, please un-hold – Marium Aug 17 at 16:27
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    To make this on-topic, you need to remove all your personal details, i.e., your first two statements. Also, 'USPS' from the title. Or just change the title to: Is shipping a painting of Lord Krishna allowed? If you make these changes, users can vote to re-open. – sv. Aug 19 at 19:55

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