My information trading this comes exclusively from the lectures of Vidyavachaspathi Shri Bannanje Govindacharyaru.

In a lecture he said Dwaitha treats Jeevatma as an atom, that is Jeevatma is point like, dimensionless. https://youtu.be/0qLZP56Tzks?t=750

But here he says that a Rishi divided his body into many body to exhaust his Prarabdha karma, which was quoted by Shri Madhwacharya. https://youtu.be/NiIuuyW_IRo?t=1865

If Jeevatma is atom like, how was it spilt? Or in which body was the soul. If soul was in only one body, were the rest of the bodies soul less? Or if the soul is present in all the bodies then it had to be split, but even after being split how does the experiencer remain same? Different pieces of atma should experience differently, if the experience is same then how is the experience connected?

What is the spatial status of Jeevatma in Dwaitha?

  • yes different piece experience differently.. not the same.. the sum total of the experience of different piece need to be considered..in one of the stories brahma prays to Narayana and he sends different roopas to confluence of ganges with ocean along with all the devatahas for narayana to return to earth and eliminate daityas.. Naryana came and gave darshan. instead of immediately giving the word there itself.. to form of roopa of brahma, he asks every one to meet at the kailas where the moola roopa of brahma doing tapas.. in order give due credit to moola roopa – Prasanna R Aug 19 at 7:03
  • @PrasannaR so you are saying the different pieces will not be experiencing the same thing? That is not accepted by Shri Madhwacharya. Please refer the second link, where Madhwacharya is trying to prove it by quoting this example. If the soul is same, then it must experience all at once, according to Shri Madhwacharya. You are arguing against Dwaitha. – VARUN.N RAO Aug 19 at 7:45
  • May what the above story is like we are watching football match in stadium and also in TV, but what is the difference.. difintely its same football match but experience are difference, May what level its same is it same in every aspect? that is question i do remember now one good well know example of splitting of jivas is Duryodhana, duryodhana was split into 101 piece, as each of his brothers killed all the jivas went and joined back duryodhana, till last date duryodhana was not full till all his brothers were killed, then he puts of valiant fight with bhima with all his power otherwise he – Prasanna R Aug 19 at 8:47
  • would have run away.. but i havent have time to visit your link.. but there are many place jiva is split and experience karma.. – Prasanna R Aug 19 at 8:47
  • @PrasannaR my main point is Shri Madhwacharya does not accept it. He uses it against Advaitha, in Upadhi Khandana. That's the whole point. He doesn't allow the experience to be separate. He asks if I and you are same why are our experience different? And says single soul cannot experience differently. It is impossible according to Dvaitha. Please visit the link. – VARUN.N RAO Aug 19 at 8:50

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