If you have online links of one or more of Khandanatraya Granthams of Shri Madhwacharya with Kannada or English translation, please share it.

1. Mayavada khandana
2. Upadhi khandana
3. Prapancha Mithyathavnumana khandana

If you have one or more of links for these granthams with translation please share it.


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I couldn't find English translations of all these three works. However, I could find Kannada translation and unabridged translation of one or more works.

  • Mayavada Khandanam

    Srimadhvyasa.wordpress.com contains details about all the works of Sri Madhvacharya. Mayavada Khandanam is present in verses with Sanskrit and Kannada versions with verses on their website. But English translation is missing.

  • Upadhi Khandanam

    Upadhi Khandanam is a short work of 16 verses followed by mangala charanas dedicated to Lord Vishnu. There is an abridged translation on English on Atmashrama.org explaining the gist of acharya's work. Copyright - Atmashrama.org

    Upadhi Khandanam in Sanskrit and Kannada (PDF format).

  • Prapancha mithyatva anumana Khandanam

    Sri Jayatirtha also known as Tikacharya wrote commentary on this work. The verses in Kannada and Sanskrit are present on above website mentioned in downloadable pdf format. Dr.G M Jayateertha wrote a Kannada translation for this work.

    Prapancha mithyatva anumana Khandana pdf by Dr. G M Jayateertha.

In addition to these, Dr. P Vinayacharya has translated Śrī Madhvācārya's Mithyātva-anumāna-khaṇḍanam into English as a part of Three Refutations series. It is available for purchase on the internet.

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    Since the answer is incomplete without giving all the works in Kannada or Sanskrit, it is better to wait till the bounty period is over. Commented Aug 23, 2019 at 17:19

Not the translation but here is a english description of the text and the arguments:


If you know Kannada, here is the lecture by Sri Bannanje Govindacharya: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hGKZCZu3vtM

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