I have seen the planetary combinations of famous peoples, and there are other birth chart with same planetary combinations. Why one is rich and other is poor they both have planets placed on the same houses.

  • Astrologers may answer stating that Lagna might be different though positioning of planets remain the same. Even if everything is same, they may say the Navamsa might be different. :-) So very difficult, IMO, for getting a suitable reply.@VISWESWARAN NAGASIVAM – srimannarayana k v Sep 2 at 3:19
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    How are you saying that the birth charts are the same when Lagna etc are different? Even twins do not have exactly the same charts. – Rickross Sep 2 at 4:50
  • See the nakshatras/constellations and houses on which are they are forming, which are definitely different. Further hemming and aspects of planets also have effect. – Manu Kumar Sep 28 at 11:52

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