Consider the following excerpt regarding birth of Pandu

"Soon after Satyavati, O chastiser of foes, summoned Vyasa, after having secured the assent of her daughter-in-law. Vyasa came according to his promise, and approached, as before, the second wife of his brother. And Ambalika beholding the Rishi, became pale with fear And, O Bharata, beholding her so afflicted and pale with fear, Vyasa addressed her and said, 'Because thou hast been pale with fear at the sight of my grim visage, therefore, thy child shall be pale in complexion. O thou of handsome face, the name also thy child shall bear will be Pandu (the pale).' 'Saying this, the illustrious and best of Rishis came out of her chamber. And as he came out, he was met by his mother who asked him about the would-be-child. The Rishi told her that the child would be of pale complexion and known by the name of Pandu. Satyavati again begged of the Rishi another child, and the Rishi told her in reply, 'So be it.' Ambalika, then, when her time came, brought forth a son of pale complexion. Blazing with beauty the child was endued with all auspicious marks. Indeed, it was this child who afterwards became the father of those mighty archers, the Pandavas.

[SECTION CVI, Sambhava Parva, Adi parva, The Mahabharata]

It didn't mention that he has any disease. But when i read the translated versions, there are statements saying that he has a disease named pandu. So, is there any statement from Vyasa Mahabharata saying that Pandu has pandu disease?

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    I don't remember any statement about pandu having any disease, I think the word pandu should be "one of pale complexion" only.
    – V.Aggarwal
    Sep 23 '19 at 10:38

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