Why is Rama depicted as having blue skin? Why not brown like most Indians?

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  • In the VIBGYOR, Violet-Blue is at highest frequency like the color of sky because of scattering, while Red, the color of earth-matter and blood is at the lowest frequency. livescience.com/33324-purple-royal-color.html
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While describing the characteristics of Sri Rama to Sita, Sri Hanuman says Sri Rama was of dark-complexioned.

दुन्दुभि स्वन निर्घोषः स्निग्ध वर्णः प्रतापवान् |

समः सम विभक्त अन्गो वर्णम् श्यामम् समाश्रितः || ५-३५-१६

"He has a voice like the sound of a kettle-drum. He has a shining skin. He is full of splendour. He is square-built. His limbs are built symmetrically. He is endowed with a dark complexion."

The word used by Sage Valmiki was श्यामम्.

According to Sanskrit dictionary, its meaning ranges from Green to Black to Blue.

So we can consider the complexion of Sri Rama to be dark-complexioned.

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