Rig Veda X.78.6 says that Maruts are sons of Sindhu.

These noble sons of Sindhu are like grinding-stones, they are always like Soma-stones , tearing everything to pieces; these sons of a good mother are like playful children, they are by their glare like a great troop on its march.

Rig Veda 6.66.3 says that Maruts are the sons of Pṛśni.

They who are Sons of the rain-pouring Rudra, whom the long-lasting One had power to foster: The Mighty Ones whose germ great Mother Pṛśni is known to have received for man's advantage.

Can anyone explain reason for this?


I had discussed this issue with friend, who is a Vedic Scholar. His explanation is as follows:

Prshni means that which sprinkles/rains (=raincloud, =fertility). Maruts are the tempests that bring the rain of this rain cloud to earth. Who bring fertility and positive change to the ground. As they roar and are terrible, they are often called sons of Rudra.

As rain cloud is nothing but the evaporated water of stream (samānam etad udakam) (Sindhu) they might be called the sons of Sindhu.

They may also be called the Rudras. They are the Rudras when Indra Marutvā becomes formidable as the Rudra

Max Müller in his explanation to Rig Veda X.78.6 (Note 1) says as follows:

Síndhu-mâtarah may be a synonym of Prisni-mâtarah, sindhu being used as a name of the water in the sky. It may also mean, having the river Sindhu for their mother, i. e. coming from the region of the river.

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