What are the rules that one must observe to wear the Yagnopaveetham ? Would prefer if appropriate text is also quoted.


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Rules for for Wearing "Yagnophaveedham" or "License" to perform Homa or sacred ritual :-) all you need is the following Manthra.

1) Aachamanam: Shuklaam Bharadharam Vishnum etc. (google please ) if you utter this while holding small portions of water in right hand and consume it you purify your internal body parts is the belief. if you do "Prokshanam" by throwing that small portion of water all around you. That circle in which you sit becomes pure as well...

2) Om Bhoo,bhuva,suvaha thatsavitur varanyam bhargo devasya dhe mahi dheyoyonah prachodyadh. Om Mapoh jyothiraso amrithambrahma Bhoorbhavaswarom (The Gayathri + 3 Vyahruthi Mantra ( Inhale) + Jyothirasa mantra(exhale))

For meaning.. Refer to http://creative.sulekha.com/the-mantra-tantras-of-tsv-breath-control-pranayama_524013_blog

  1. Sankalpam ( Resolve) : Mamo partha samastha duritha kshya dwara sri parameshwara preethyartham Sroutha smartha vihitha sadachara nithya karmaanushtanaa yogyatha sidhyartham brhma teja abhivrudyartham yagnopaveetha dharanam karishye.

To say you are hereby going to wear by with sins/dangers eliminated, as per the liking/will of Parameshwara, the smartha lineage(followers of Guru Shankara), in all good tradition, for acheiving Capability for following everyday mandatory action (like Sandhyavandhana - to take care for your birth obligations), Betterment of existing "Brahma Tejas" that you are born with so that you become radiant like Brahma :-) I hereby wear Yagnopaveetham!

4) Now the actual Manthra to wear "one" yagnopaveetham (each with three strands) Hold by both hands, the brahmagranthi(Brahma's knot) in the poonal being held above by the right hand facing upwards, the bottom portion hed by the left hand dipped in the water container that you used to purify yourself with... Say the following italicised manthra and wear it!

Yagnopaveetha dharana maha manthrasya

Here is the Yagnopaveetha dharana Great Mantra...

Parabrahma rishihi

The Rishi who initiated this is ParaBrahman himself - Touch forehead

Trushtup chandhah

Using Trishtubh metre unlike Anushtubh metre which refers to mantra intonation intervals, (google) - touch below nose.

Paramathma devatha

The Supreme Atman that resides in the cavities of your heart - touch heart

Yagnopaveetha dharane viniyoga Getting ready to wear...

5) Yagnopaveetham paramam pavithram prajapathe, Yat sahajam purasthad aayushyam Agriyam prathi muncha shubram yagnopaveetham balamasthu theja. Say above manthra and...Wear it. Across from Left shoulder to right side... Figure out the meaning yourself for above verse. It goes like "Yagnopaveetham is Supremely pure, Prajapathi ..."

Now, You wore it. Cool ! now you are twice-born! Yes, it is said that it is like a second birth. Your dad typically initiates you and he does Brahmoupadesam...How to keep it with power? Utter 10 Gayathri's per day everyday..That is supposed to protect you. There are thrice-born Yagnopaveetha dharana as well not required unless you go as a sannyasin....

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