When Buddha and some other ascended masters attained enlightenment were gifted with special abilities or Siddhis. Buddha was even able to recall his previous lives and his and other people's karmas but how can we know those were real a not a creation of Maya?

Are Siddhis also illusory in nature?

  • Maya can also be real as far as I understand. Can I ask what you define as maya?
    – Wikash_
    Commented Oct 18, 2019 at 5:15

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Yes siddhis are illusionary just like senses and is a temptation or a bait of God to raise a man to higher realm for no Siddhi is possible without sadhna, yoga, self-restrain.


One day, Sri Ramakrishna took Narendra to the Panchavati and told him, 'Look, I possess the eight occult powers. But I decided long ago that I would never use them and I find no need for them. But you will have to preach religion and do many other things. I have decided to give those powers to you. Please accept them.' Narendra asked in reply, 'Will they help me realize God?' When Sri Ramakrishna explained that they might help to some extent in preaching religion but would not help him attain God-realization, Narendra declined those powers.

The desire to possess siddhis is same as desire of possessing something by the false non-luminous ego and mind of Prakriti which is inert in reality. Everyone desires to be Omnipotent, immortal and beautiful, the desire comes from Purusha/soul.

Patanjali Yoga Sutras

  1. These are obstacles to Samadhi; but they are powers in the worldly state.

  2. By giving up even these powers comes the destruction of the very seed of evil, which leads to Kaivalya.

  3. The states of the mind are always known, because the lord of the mind, the Purusha, is unchangeable.

18. The mind is not self-luminous, being an object.

  1. The mind, though variegated by innumerable desires, acts for another (the Purusha), because it acts in combination.

  2. For the discriminating, the perception of the mind as Atman ceases.

  3. Then, bent on discriminating, the mind attains the previous state of Kaivalya (isolation).

  • I am not sure I agree. Siddhis can be obtained via appropiate mantra's and meditation. They are supernatural powers. Supernatural is not a part of maya correct.
    – Wikash_
    Commented Oct 20, 2019 at 20:38

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