I can't stop to wonder, If Krishna's Kaalinga Nardhana better than Mohini's dance for Bhasmasura?

Or more generally/philosphically, Say according to Dharma Shastra or other Puranas Is taming better than destruction?

For e.g. from stories Ganapathy tamed an Asura(Mooshika) and made him his Vehicle. Krishna also tamed Kaalinga. However, Mohini had to cause Bhasmasura's destruction. If you know the future then you can decide conclusively. If not, it is a gamble. The tamed entity could turn around and bite or it could pretend while waiting for opportune moment for causing trouble again. For quick progress isn't destruction of bad entities better? Or if the 'purported' progress is REALLY path to destruction? How would you decide?

I know this is borderline question not really related to religion. However I was wondering if any scriptural references are available from Nyaya or other Sanatana Dharma disciplines/perspectives....

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