Hello … I have two questions that perhaps you can help me with …. From my understanding, the Anandamaya Kosha forms the Causal Body (Karana-Sarira or Karana-Deha) and we experience Deep/Dreamless Sleep (Sushupthi) in this state (Prajna Avastha). 1). Upon Self-realization (Atma-Sakshakara) does the Causal Body [Deha] get “burnt away”? and if so, what happens when a Jivan-Mukti sleeps? ... and because an Avatar is born through His Sankalpa (His Divine Will/Resolve) and not through Karma; I take it that He would not have a Causal Body – is that correct? and 2). Which body [Subtle or Causal] does the Kundalini Shakti belong to?


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